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  • Landscaping

    Landscape design is among the most ancient of human endeavors, deriving from the desire to impose harmony on the natural world.

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  • Maintenance

    Landscape maintenance is the art of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, Institutional setting or estate.

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  • Consulting

    The main driver of any project is our client's objectives. We create working relationships based upon trust, open communication and mutual respect.

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    Our 'Social' Landscape. If you would like to connect with us or get information we are here to help. Connect with your Scapes professional today.

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  • What to know about Scapes

    We are a privately owned, multi county, multi city, fully uniformed, insured, legal and professional landscape company. We offer an array of services from basic maintenance to full landscape design and construction.

    Our Mission Statement: To offer the pinnacle of professional landscape services to our customers. Every job we do gives us the opportunity to advance our company ahead of the competition. To take each day and use it productively. Listen to our customers and understand that they are the reason we are in business. To learn something new and beneficial. To never loose sight of where we started, who is our Creator, who we are as individuals , who we have become as a team and strive to be as a company.

  • Recent Videos:

    Mowing is dangerous and time consuming and we recommend home owners hire a professional lawn care company. But, if you just love mowing your own yard then Scapes put together a free guide that teaches how to safely maintain your lawn.