Welcome to the future: Super Mulch™

Super Mulch™

“Imagine a world where your plants never suffer from drought, where weeds are a thing of the past, and your garden flourishes with lush greenery of eden all year round…..”

This is the world that Scapes Environmental Designs’ new Super Mulch™ brings to life.

Crafted from a sustainable custom blend of the finest hardwoods and natural occurring biodiversity macro nutrients, Super Mulch™ is a premium quality mulch that offers a wide range of benefits for your plants and soil. By creating a weed-free sponge that retains moisture and nutrients, Super Mulch™ provides the absolute ideal environment for your plants to thrive in.

Super Mulch™: The Mulch That's Better Than the Rest


The secret to the Scapes Super Mulch’s effectiveness lies in its awesomely unique blend of hardwoods and natural occurring macro nutrients. After 20 years of research and development the Scapes team has designed a truly unique product. With the newly discovered correlation between two naturally occurring organic solids that create “building blocks” for beneficial fungi to colonize between two cells of matter, these ingredients work together to create a nutrient-rich environment that promotes healthy plant growth, while also a strong natural barrier against weeds and pests.

As the mulch breaks down, it releases stored energy in the form of essential nutrients into the soil, providing your plants with an impeccable and steady supply of perfect food throughout the growing season. Remember the building blocks? This now organic structure turns to a mineral (natural, but inorganic now) that acts as internal supports that allows air water to circulate, roots to develop freely and most importantly, resist compaction. This not only improves the health and vitality of your plants, but also helps to maintain the proper moisture level in the soil, ensuring that your plants are never over or under watered.

Super Mulch™ is the biggest naturally derived upgrade to the mulch product line since its inception, and is only available at Scapes Environmental Design. So why settle for ordinary mulch when you can experience the benefits of Super Mulch™? Transform your garden into a lush paradise today with Scapes Environmental Designs’ newest and coolest Super Mulch™. Available in Slate Noir Black for a limited time, while supplies last.

Super Mulch™: Coming to a yard near you soon!

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