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Terms and Condition

Greetings, Plant Aficionados! Welcome to Scapes Environmental Design, Inc. – where we turn mundane lawns into verdant wonderlands. Before you embark on this thrilling journey of horticultural magnificence, please take a moment to revel in the joy of our Terms and Conditions. We promise, they're more delightful than a garden gnome doing the cha-cha.

1. Services and Products:

1.1. Scapes Environmental Design, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for turning your backyard into the talk of the tulips – providing services and products that even Mother Nature would envy.

1.2. Availability is our middle name, but in case we're out of stock on rainbows and sunshine, we reserve the right to swap them for equally awesome alternatives without notice.

2. Pricing and Payment:

2.1. Our prices are as transparent as your neighbor's windows. However, they may change faster than a chameleon at a disco. Stay alert!

2.2. Payment is due quicker than a rabbit on espresso – upon completion. We accept gold coins, unicorn tears, and good old-fashioned credit cards.

3. Estimates and Quotes:

3.1. Our estimates are like fortune cookies – open them up and discover the garden destiny that awaits you.

3.2. Quotes are like compliments – they're valid for 30 days. After that, they might just turn into pumpkin spice latte recipes. Don't say we didn't warn you.

4. Cancellations and Refunds:

4.1. Cancellations must be submitted in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet. Bonus points for creativity!

4.2. Refunds are rarer than a four-leaf clover but may appear under the right conditions. Think leprechauns and a pot of gold.

5. Client Responsibilities:

5.1. Clients must summon their inner wizards to procure any necessary permits. If Gandalf could handle Middle Earth, you've got this!

5.2. Access to the property is crucial – even more crucial than coffee in the morning. Safety first, folks!

6. Warranty and Maintenance:

6.1. Our warranty is more solid than a concrete gnome. Just don't feed it after midnight.

6.2. Clients are the proud owners of their landscapes post-project. It's like adopting a green, leafy child – minus the college tuition.

7. Liability:

7.1. We're not responsible for earthquakes, alien invasions, or zombie uprisings. But if your petunias revolt, we might consider it.

7.2. Our liability is limited to the amount you paid us, and a lifetime supply of oxygen is priceless – just saying.

8. Intellectual Property:

8.1. Our creative masterpieces remain ours. You can't copy our genius – it's copyrighted.

8.2. No commercial use of our intellectual property without our permission. We're like the Beyoncé of landscaping – irreplaceable.

9. Governing Law:

9.1. Our Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Montgomery County, Texas, where the grass is always greener, and where our home base is at.

9.2. Any disputes will be settled over a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors with the winner choosing the garden's color scheme.

10. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

10.1. We might change things up. Check back regularly, or risk missing out on the most thrilling updates since the invention of the wheelbarrow.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our resident jokester at

Thank you for choosing Scapes Environmental Design, Inc. – where laughter is the best fertilizer!

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