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Scapes Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Scapes Environmental Design, Inc. - Because Our Plants Keep Secrets Too!

Hello fellow plant enthusiasts! Welcome to Scapes Environmental Design, where even our ferns respect your privacy. We promise not to spill the beans on your love for succulents or your secret affair with your favorite rose bush. So, let’s dive into the thrilling world of our Privacy Policy, where your data gets the VIP treatment!

1. Information We Collect:

We collect all sorts of juicy details – your name, email, phone number, and even your garden gnome’s name. Don’t worry; we won't judge your gnome-naming skills.

2. How We Use Your Information:

Your data is like fertilizer for our services – it helps us grow! We use it to keep your account blooming, process your plant-related transactions, and occasionally send you delightful emails that are more refreshing than a morning mist on a tulip.

3. Information Sharing:

We only share your secrets when absolutely necessary. If a legal eagle comes knocking or we decide to have a plant-themed party with a partner, we might spill the organic tea.

4. Your Choices:

You have the power to opt-out of our newsletters. We promise not to take it personally; we know you have other commitments, like talking to your orchids or doing the Macarena with your sunflowers.

5. Security:

We guard your data like it's the last bag of plant food during a zombie apocalypse. However, if a mischievous squirrel gets access, we can’t guarantee your data won't be nibbled on. Blame it on the rodent!

6. Updates to this Privacy Policy:

Our policy is as dynamic as a chameleon in a flower bed. We might make changes, but we'll always let you know. Just keep an eye on your inbox for our thrilling Privacy Policy update notifications.

7. Contact Us:

If you ever want to chat about your favorite cactus or have questions about this policy, drop us an email at  We’re here for you and your plants!

By embracing our Privacy Policy, you’re entering a world of plant-themed confidentiality and leafy security. Remember, even our ferns keep secrets – it's a green thumb thing! 

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